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Online Banking
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Top 5 Scams

Mobile Banking Technology NEW!!

SAFE’s commitment to provide the best solutions for its members has remained a driving factor in identifying and implementing the most current technologies available. When it comes to Mobile Banking advancements, SAFE continues to be on the forefront of technology and security measures.

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Current Phishing Attempts To Avoid

Everyday, most email users are bombarded with commercial junk email or "SPAM" that clogs up their inbox and makes it difficult to determine which emails are important.  Some of these messages are not only annoying, but potentially dangerous. Educate yourself on current phishing attempts.

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Online Security

At SAFE, your online security is our top priority. Enhanced Login Security provides multiple options to protect your account.

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It is always a good idea to log out of any secure online session when you are finished. (ie., shopping sites, Online Banking, etc.)

  1. Your correct tax information is essential.
  2. USPS Delivery Failure Notification
  3. American Airlines: Your order has been completed
  4. You seen what this person is saying about you?
  5. Penalty For The Failure To File Income Tax Returns

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How To Avoid Facebook Scams

Like the rest of us, hackers and scam artists relished the rapid rise of hugely popular social media platforms. Of course, less-than-savory online entities have been toppling databases, leaking confidential information, and robbing the masses since computers were room-sized, but Facebook is now allowing them to move their underground operations into broad daylight like impossibly hard-to-kill vampires in Blade sequels. By understanding the basic anatomy of the most popular Facebook scams that follow, you should be able to defend yourself from these virtual vipers... Read full article

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