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Payment Protection Facts

Did you know?


Average duration of unemployment is 16 weeks.
    - US Labor Department

For every $10,000 you earn, it takes a month to find a job.
    - Bureau of Labor Statistics

Unemployment benefits in California range from $40 - $470 weekly, approximately 50% of income.
    - State of California, Employee Development Department

The average consumer has $8,347 in credit balances.
    - Los Angeles Times

The average 30 year old has $300 in savings.

In any given year, 1 in 8 Americans will incur a long term disability.
    - National Center for Health Statistics

Your chances of a 3 month disability at age 25 is 44%, at age 35 is 41%, at age 45 is 36%, and at age 55 is 27%.
    - Commissioner Individual Disability Table B

Males account for 69% of all traffic fatalities, 70% of all pedestrian fatalities and 90% of all bicycle fatalities.

63% of the people killed in traffic accidents were not wearing a seatbelt.

In 2005, an average of 119 people died each day in motor vehicle accidents.
    - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

A benefit for our members

More than ever, we all worry about things that might happen tomorrow. SAFE Payment Protection provides an important sense of financial security - letting you worry less and sleep a little better at night.


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